A Section of Rare Wrought Iron Cookware


A Section of Rare Wrought Iron Cookware


A selection of antique cookware. The 2 wrought iron cooking rings with pan handle holders/support are extremely rare and very difficult to find. These cooking rings and pans were used for open fire cooking. All in extremely good condition. dimensions; larger cooking ring with support 63 cm’s in length x 34 cm’s in height x 23 cm diameter cooking ring. other cooking ring with support 41 cm’s in length x 43 cm’s in height x 19 cm diameter cooking ring. Large singular cooking ring 17 cm’s in height x 26 diameter cooking ring. Smaller singular cooking ring 11 cm’s in height x 20 cm diameter cooking ring. There are also 2 large wrought iron long handled cooking pans, a smaller brass & wrought iron long handled cooking pan and a copper cooking pot with handle. Dimensions; largest wrought iron pan 98 cm’s in length x 36 cm diameter pan. Smaller wrought iron pan 93 cm’s in length x 32 cm diameter pan. Brass pan 84 cm’s in length x 23 cm diameter pan. Copper pot 15 cm’s in height x 21 cm in diameter. Great wear and patina. Would make excellent movie props, shop display or great kitchen ornaments.


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