Antique French Black & White Pencil Portrait Print Drunken Man.


Antique Black & White Pencil Portrait Print of a Drunk Man.


Old lithograph portrait print of a drunk man. Artist unknown, signature on print (unreadable). Believed to French in origin. Circa 18.00’s at least. Damage to paper. Very clear print. Some staining to the original mount board. Some photographic interference/reflexion on the glass. Old gold gilt original frame, some damage to frame. New Arraglass fitted (non-glare, UV protection, shatter proof etc.). Original back board. Re-taped & sealed with picture tape. Old original dealers tag on the back board, reads; Rue de Rivoil 158. P.Parra. Doreurdes Muses Imperiaux. Dorure el Encudrements. Otelilo et Magarim. Rue Casimir Perier 2. Paris. 14.5 in’s W x 17.5 in’s H. £25.00 P&P from Spain to UK, at buyers expense.