Rural Antiques

Spanish Art & Decoration

Rural antiques in SpainRural Antiques is based in Southern Spain. We used to be general antiques dealers but now focus mainly on art and decoration.

Rural Antiques focus exclusively on affordable art such as oils, lithographs & prints & also one-off home decorative pieces, such as framed & mounted small antiques & oddities.

The art, comprising of antique & vintage oils, lithographs, prints & sketches are mostly signed. The pieces are generally sourced from southern Spain & are mostly Spanish in origin but at least 30% of the rest of the art originates from other parts of Europe.

Some of the pieces will have been lightly cleaned & left original. Other pieces will have had some restoration work done to the frame, mount board or back board but in general the art piece itself won’t have been touched at all.

Other art pieces are purchased without frames, these pieces in general are then framed into either an antique or vintage frame with new acrylic glass, quality mount board & back board & sealed with dust tape. Any work carried out to the picture/painting will be stated in the description on the web site.

Antique & Vintage Decorative Framed Pieces

Small antique or vintage decorative items that generally would have been placed in drawers or boxes and never seen the light of day again are given a new lease of life. The items have been mounted in to an antique or vintage frame. The item is secured to new quality mount board, back board & sealed with dust tape & placed into a suitable antique or vintage frame. Some of the frames may have been repainted or sanded down & re-lacquered & others completely untouched. All the framed items are one-off pieces & are generally untouched & original. Some modifications to the piece may have been made to secure it to the frame. These items are in the Framed Antiques & Oddities section.

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