Antique Spanish Corn Thrasher Farmhouse Kitchen Table


Antique Spanish Corn Thrasher Farmhouse Kitchen Table.


A Stunning and Very Unusual Farmhouse Kitchen Table. Made from an authentic antique Spanish corn thrashing sledge. The actual eating surface is toughen glass (this will be changed to an English toughened glass top), this may take two weeks to order and deliver). The antique thrashing sledge has cut flint embedded into the thick wooden frame. One end of the table/sledge is curved (the sledge is attached upside down to the thick wooden base). There are 4 large bolts that hold the sledge onto the wooden base. The glass top sits onto 4 glass suckers that holds the glass top in place. This particular table can seat 5 and has a unique metal rack at the top end of the table which could be used for serving plates. Dimensions; height 31 ins/78 cms x length 76 ins/ 193 cms x width top end 34 ins/86.5 cms x width bottom end 40 ins/ 101.5 cms. This table top is slightly wedged in shape. The glass eating surface is; top end width 36 ins/91.5 cms x bottom end width 40 ins/101.5 cms x length 55.5 ins/141 cms. All the tables have an underneath clearance of between 27.5 ins to 29.5 ins which easily accommodates the average 18-in seat height of a dinning chair. The chair in the picture has a seat height of 18.5 ins. This is one of a collection of 8 one off tables available in slightly different styles and size. The thrashing sledges are around pre 1920’s & have great worn patina, some have metal fastenings, historical woodworm and plenty of signs of use. A viewing of the table/s would be advisable before purchase as these tables are very unique in style and appearance.